Commercialise Your Intellectual Property

Build a Company from the ideas you scrawled on that napkin

Turn your good idea into cash - use this
special cheat-sheet to push your idea
through the commercialisation process
and start making money....

Daniel J. O'Connor B.Bus, MBA
International Author and Consultant

Your One-Page Flow Chart for Building Intellectual Property from your Ideas.


Are you an Inventor or R&D team leader, looking for ways to take the risk out of your R&D programs?

Are you looking to patent your new innovation, but are still not sure of it have sufficient value?

Are you a Patent Attorney who wants to help your clients to commercialise their projects before their next round of patent work, so they can afford to continue their protection and start their next patent program?

Are you looking at investing in or incubating a promising R&D project and you need to know what is required for the commercialisation process?

Buy the book Billion Dollar Napkin for a practical guide to step-by-step commercialization. If you have an existing business and you want to accelerate the net profits in a structured program of small incremental changes, look at my other book, Formula1forBusiness.

Daniel J. O'Connor
Author and Commercialization Consultant